Have Fun with Your Best Friend ....

Feedback on Behavioural consultations, Companion Dog and Agility Training:


Katie and Coll, Argyll: I first contacted Tove as our 4 year old dog had started to have a problem when meeting other dogs. Tove has a way with all the dogs I have seen her with, a gentle and understanding warmth, that allows the dogs and people to relax and learn new ways of behaviour. Our dog, Coll, changed significantly after only a few weeks and now can walk in town or on the beach with no fear of other dogs. The written information provided by Tove has allowed us to continue the work started in her class. I would highly recommend her gentle training classes.


Fay, Maizie, Orchid and Lilly, Kintyre:   Tove helped us train our three dogs Maizie (Polish Tatra), Orchid (Bichon Frise) and Lilly (Pug x Jack Russell). Although all our dogs have very different needs we found Tove to be very informative and helpful in identifying different regimes for each dog. You can see Maizie's progress after just three days of following Tove's suggestions on You Tube: Look for  Maizie (Polish Tatra Sheperd) 27th March 2016

Lesley, Olly, Tucker & Dennis – Tarbert:  I relocated to Argyll in Spring 2015 from the Middle East with three rescue dogs all under 15 months old, so quite a handful! I was delighted to find a force-free trainer locally, so we had a series of 1-2-1 sessions with Tove, to reinforce some of our basic training, and to introduce the boys to agility. Despite the huge new distractions of Scottish wildlife, each of the boys managed to learn the basics, especially my Sprocker Spaniel Tucker, who has gone on to become a regular in Tove’s small fun agility classes.

Tove upholds all that I believe to be good R+ dog training, getting dog to interact with handler rather than other dogs or people, and has provided us with easy to understand explanations, and practical tips for practicing at home.

Christine and Cassie – Argyll: Tove's relaxed way of training manages to bring out the best in her canine pupils. She taught lots of commands and tricks to our very laid back Bearded Collie, Cassie.  Cassie is now three years old and still remembers them to this day!"



Iris Kerr  Tarbert: Tove is a great trainer and was very patient with me.  Storm loved his sessions and enjoyed his days out at the venue.  The notes that were provided were very easy to follow and a great reminder of what to do between sessions.  I now enjoy my walks more with Storm because he does not try and pull me off my feet and he listens to me.

I would recommend Tove as a trainer because of her patience with both the dog and owner/her knowledge of dog’s behaviour/her venues are very friendly.  The sessions Storm and I had were very enjoyable and well worth the money.


Margaret and Blue - Tarbert: When I first met Tove and asked for help with the training of “Blue” he was a large overzealous 9 month old who had just had surgery on his back legs resulting in him not having been able to go out for long walks etc. for 3+ weeks.

“Blue” is a GSP/Munsterlander with, in my words, “cloth ears” and over friendly but highly intelligent.  Unfortunately he was frightened by a large lorry when very young so is unsure when in and around traffic.

Tove soon got to grips with his training needs and helped enormously with both teaching me and him hand signals for sit, stay etc plus gave loads of tips and ideas as to how to help overcome his fear of traffic.  This included recommending certain training aids and types of head collars and harnesses to try.  The notes Tove supplied in between lessons were invaluable and helped me to reinforce the learning of that week.

I now have him trained to the whistle for recall etc., which being a hunting dog is excellent when out and about in the hills when the voice doesn’t necessarily carry as well.  He is far better when in and around traffic although not fully relaxed in these situations but we persevere.

I would recommend Tove’s methods of training to anyone who joins her groups or as I did one to one lessons.  Value for money cannot be bettered resulting in a much better trained dog who enjoys his training and life in general.


Cathy MacLean Clachan...and Zeus  : I attended Tove’s dog training classes when my Samoyed was a young pup. I found Tove to be a very knowledgeable teacher who had lots of patience with the dogs (and the owners) !! My dog particularly enjoyed the agility course which was really good and I would like to do that again in the future. We were provided with very helpful notes when the course ended

I would certainly recommend Tove Knight’s Training classes.


 Marie and Flynn, Tarbert : Tove really helped us with our very active Springer spaniel. We had private lessons at her home which were great value for money and action packed with fun training activities and games that we were able to take away and practise. The notes that Tove sent on to us were fantastic as it reminded us of the useful pointers she gave us throughout the sessions and we still refer back to these 9 months on.

Tove is brilliant with dogs and Flynn loved her, she was full of ideas and it was nice to hear some of her own experiences. She helped us out when we were struggling with our puppy and enabled us to enjoy him again through her training classes. She tailor made each class to suit us and I will continue to recommend her to anyone who asks.


TC and MB, Kintyre : We had problems with our two dogs fighting with each other. It became so bad that they were injuring each other and also us as we tried to split them up. Tove taught us how to identify the trigger points and how to train them and work with them separately. We had always walked and exercised them religiously but Tove made us realise mental stimulation was equally important. She showed us various techniques and made dog training fun. We were facing the prospect of giving one of the dogs away but thanks to Tove life has really turned around and so far no more fighting.


Definitely value for money and we would highly recommend.


Christine & Truffles (Cairnbaan): I'm delighted at how much fitter my Labrador is since starting Agility- he's living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!! You can see how much Truffles enjoys Agility by the way he bounds round the courses wagging his tail. Truffles can't wait for it to be his turn then he sleeps like a baby on the journey home.


Eleanor & Archie (Ford):Archie was a rescue dog, he was a failed sheepdog . I am amazed how he has responded to the training. He now has a sense of purpose and has proved he is very trainable after all. Our sessions at Argyll Agility are always something we both look forwardto, sociable and great fun.


Nicky, Holly and Brackan (Lochgilphead): Since joining Argyll Agility last Autumn I and my two dogs - Holly (a labrador/retriever cross now aged nearly 3) and Bracken (a German Shepherd now aged nearly 2) have thoroughly enjoyed participating and we have all learned a lot about each other and how to communicate better. With Tove's patient and helpful approach we have I think made good progess and had a lot of fun as well. It is good for the dogs to be able to work off some energy both physical and mental in a safe environment and they and I are enjoying meeting other dogs and their owners. We are in no way competitive and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the class.


Shuna & Milis (Kilmelford): Milis and I love coming to the agility. It is obvious to me how much she enjoys the agility itself and one of the aspects that I love is how noticeable it is that all other aspects of her behaviour have improved.


Kim & Alfie (Loch Awe): We have loads of fun at agility and Alfie loves it. It’s great to do something where we’re working as a team and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone wanting to do something that’s both fun and a learning experience for themselves and their dog.