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Does your dog have unwanted behaviours?

Most dogs will at times do things that we don't want a dog to do, many of these behaviours are part of being a puppy that is growing up and going through the various stages such as being a  juvenile or going through adolecence.

Many of these unwanted behaviours will, with training and understanding go away as the dog matures. However, unless the puppy is socialised at an early age to people, children, everyday noises and sights such as cars, prams, vaccuum cleaners, children shouting and running about they may get worried when they encounter these sort of sights and sounds as they grow up and mature. All dogs should be socialised to as many new sights, sounds and experiences as possible at an early age. They need to be carefully exposed to new experiences before they get too old.


  • Is your dog frightened of people or noises – or other dogs?
  • Is she reluctant to come back when called?
  • Does he bark, howl or is he destructive when he is left alone
  • Does she pester you for attention all the time?
  • Is he hyper-active and never settle down?
  • Does she steal food?
  • Having trouble with housetraining?
  • Is your dog more interested in other dogs than in you?

Many of these issues can be improved by training or management. If you want to discuss any issues you are having with your dog please contact Tove Knight on

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