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One to one training and classes take place in Clachan - please contact Tove for details

Please note that there are no classes in Kilmelford or Tarbert

Home Visits

If more convenient home visits can be arranged.

Please contact Tove for details.

==================================================================  IMPORTANT INFORMATION


Please observe the following ‘Ground Rules’ to make sure that we keep our dogs and each other safe and get maximum enjoyment from our training. These rules apply to classes at Kilmelford, An Tairbeart and other venues that may be used.

At the training Venue:
You are responsible for your dog and yourself. If appropriate make sure that you have suitable insurance.
Please wear suitable clothes including sturdy footwear for indoor or outdoor work (no flip flops or sandals). Outdoor arenas may be quite uneven and the grass wet; wear appropriate footwear with ankle support and /or grip. Wear warm, comfortable trousers and tops and bring wet weather gear if appropriate.
Park only where directed.

Please leave your dog in your car (or other safe place) until your class is due to start.
Always keep your dog under control and on the lead unless otherwise instructed; there may be  other dogs around.
Do not let your dog mark the walls, gates or equipment at the venue.
Dogs aggressive to people will not be allowed to join the training classes.
Any dog showing aggressive behaviour to other dogs may be asked to leave the class.
Dogs should wear flat collars. Check (choke) chains will not be allowed in any of the classes.
During the class all dogs are to be kept on the lead until instructed otherwise
If your dog does go to the toilet please pick up after him and take it away with you.
During training please ask if anything is unclear or there is any doubt about what you are being asked to do.
You are normally more than welcome to watch the other training sessions but please just check with the Instructor that this is OK. If you are watching a class please leave your dog in the car.
During training the handler must follow all instructions from the Instructor to help ensure that all dogs are kept safe; this includes keeping dogs apart.
The handler/owner is responsible for the dog’s vaccination.
If, in the Instructor’s opinion, a dog is found to be overweight or unsuited for agility training, it may not be allowed in the class until the owner/handler has consulted a vet.
A handler under 16 years of age will have to have a parent present during training who takes full responsibility for the dog and their child.
If you don’t understand any of the above please contact Tove for clarification